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Are you ready for intergalactic warfare in a galaxy far, far away? We have Star Wars The Old Republic credits in stock now and ready to deliver to you. We also do price checks everyday and strive to make our prices the lowest price around. Want to make sure you get instant delivery? Check with our live chat to get up to the minute stock levels!

We are currently able to deliver by face to face trade or by sending in the mail.

Star Wars The Old Republic-EU [change]


  This is the last 500 orders we have completed delivery on, and the time it took to complete that delivery from the point that it hit our delivery queue until the time it was closed.

  This does not include the timeframe between ordering and completion of the verification process if it was necessary to verify the order.
# 500 Orders %
313   1 hour or less 62.6 %
109   1 to 12 hours 21.8 %
26   12 to 24 hours 5.2 %
15   1 to 2 days 3 %
24   2 days or more 4.8 %





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